See, judge, act adopted for Schema XIII

In October 1964, after much criticism of an earlier draft of Schema XIII, the future Gaudium et Spes, the Central Sub-Commission of the Council responsible for the Schema adopted the see, judge, act for the re-drafting of the final versions.

The Central Sub-Commission decided that:

- Sub Commission I will provide a 'conspectus generalis mundi hoderni' (signa temporum) which will inspire the task of drafting (the document)

                              (Translation: general outline of the world situation, signs of the times)

The Commission further instructed that:

To the maximum extent possible each (drafting) sub-commission should:

- start from the facts;

- bring a Christian judgment in the light of the Gospel and Catholic tradition from the Fathers up to contemporary documents of the Magisterium;

- indicate concrete orientations for action (pastoral aspect).

In other words, the final drafting process will follow the see, judge, act method.

Below is the original report of the Central Sub-Commission meetings that made the decision. Copy available at the Archives of the Institut catholique de Paris.)

Very appropriately, the Central Sub-Commission made these decisions on 17, 19 and 20 October 1964,neatly bracketing Cardijn's 18 November birthday (his true birthdate, NOT 13 November which was an error on his birth certificate).

Stefan Gigacz

1964 - Vatican II - Schema XIII - Réunion Sous Commission Centrale - 17 - 20 octobre 1964