Retreats, talks etc by Congar

As the list below shows, Yves Congar preached at least 28 retreats for the JOC in Belgium (Mouscron, Tournai, Antoing) and France (Lille region: Haubourdin, Tourcoing, etc.) from November 1932 until the outbreak of World War II in September 1939.

After returning from Colditz where he was held as a prisoner of war, Congar went to live in the Dominican community in Paris where he continued his involvement with various lay movements, including the ACO (Workers Catholic Action), Catholic intellectuals, etc.

By now, he was not preaching retreats so much as presenting lectures on various aspects of the laity, priesthood of the laity, etc., much of which would be incorporated in his two major works on laity, Jalons pour une théologie du laïcat (1953) and Sacerdoce at laïcat (1962).

He still gives talks to the JOC though and we find him in 1956 addressing the English YCW in London.

Congar - Retreats, talks for JOC, JEC, JAC etc