Journée d'Etudes, 13 septembre 2014, Arras

After hesitating for a long time, I finally decided to create a website in my own name.

The main purpose is to collect some of the work that I have done and make it more easily accessible - to myself as well as others!

So here it is - as is. 

Stefan Gigacz

Recent work

  • 75th anniversary of founders deaths On 27 January this year, the world will commemorate the liberation by Soviet troops of the infamous camp at Auschwitz, where so many people perished during the Second World War ...
    Posted 6 Feb 2020, 07:14 by Stefan Gigacz
  • The YCW's contribution to the struggle for decent work This is a talk on The YCW contribution to the struggle for decent work presented at a seminar organised by the IYCW on Decent work for young workers held in ...
    Posted 10 Aug 2015, 06:45 by Stefan Gigacz
  • Le rayonnement jociste à Vatican II Nous avons organisé cette journée d'études sur Le rayonnement jociste à Vatican II au Centre Diocésain d'Arras, France, le samedi 13 septembre 2013. Voici les détailles.
    Posted 10 Aug 2015, 06:41 by Stefan Gigacz
  • History and memories of the Cardijn movements in Australia This was a Study Day held in Melbourne on 26 October 2013 on the topic History and memories of the Cardijn movements in Australia. Papers from this conference have now ...
    Posted 10 Aug 2015, 06:22 by Stefan Gigacz
  • The Cardijn approach and youth ministry This is my article in the book Australian Catholic Youth Ministry, Theological and pastoral foundations for faithful ministry edited by Fr Christian Fini omi and Fr Christopher Ryan MGL. Read ...
    Posted 10 Aug 2015, 06:06 by Stefan Gigacz
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