Cardijn and Chenu

If anything, Cardijn was even closer to the Dominican Marie-Dominique Chenu than to his colleague Congar, although it was the latter who assisted Cardijn to draft his speeches to Vatican II (along with another Dominican, Henri Féret).

Indeed, Chenu first came into contact with the Belgian JOC during the late 1920s when the Saulchoir was located at Kain-la-Tombe, near Tournai in Belgium.

Some of the story of Chenu's relations with Cardijn is told by Cardijn himself and by Chenu's colleagues and collaborators in the book Hommage différé au Père Chenu published after his death in 1990, but actually compiled in 1964 during Vatican II when it was feared that publication might re-awaken old wounds.

Chenu's own books also witness to his own reflection on the issues that were of concern to Cardijn and the YCW.